Apache on port 80 NAT

  • Hello,
      I recently added a Firewall -> nat rule to forward all incoming WAN:22 traffic to LAN: and that worked fine.  I was able to ssh into my LAN system from the WAN public address.

    So i setup a webserver on the same LAN computer i made the ssh NAT rule for.  I have apache running on port 80.
    I added a new NAT rule just like the ssh rule that i added before but this time for port 80.  Although it does not work.

    It did create the correct firewall rule also.  Port 80 is open to the WAN.
    Any ideas?

  • Did you manually create the firewallrule or was it autocreated when adding the nat entry? In case you created it by hand let us see the rule please. Make sure the host behind the client has no own forewall and uses the correct gateway. You also have to test this from the outside  (in case you try this from the inside it won't work without natreflection turned on but this might cause issues with your webgui if it still listens at port 80).

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