Dns resolution failing for internal IP's

  • I have a PFsense 2.0RC1 box as a gateway to the internet and a windows box that acts as a domain controller and DNS-server. PFsense is configured to use the DC's DNS. DNS resolution is working on all the clients in our network and from the CLI on the PFsense box. It's not working -for internal IP's- from the PFsense GUI (http://pfsense/diag_dns.php) however. I've also noticed that when clients use our squid proxy, internal IP's don't get resolved either. DNS Rebind Check has been disabled.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on?

  • Hi…

    that is strange...
    If you have the DNS setup and the DNS server is on same inside LAN subnet is it possible the pfSense is using outside DNS gateway server?
    I also know Squid can cause naming issues but not sure if this is the issue either as I only ran it on one setup I was using and had name resolution through the gateway... I never checked the DNS on the internal lan as it was a small network with one static IP database.


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