USB HD Install

  • Guys,
    Is there anyway to get a USB install to work?  I got the livecd to boot and got everything installed on to the USB HD fine.  THe problem is when my pc tries to boot fromt he USB HD it seems to hang but finally a message comes up that says

    Invalid slice

    Can anyone help me?

    I would love to use an internal HD but at the min i have having problems locating a mounting bracket so i am using a usb HD

  • USB-Support is not the best in freebsd currently. It has been reported that USB-CDROMs won't work too. However noone of the devs has tested this in depth yet.

  • Thanks for the info.  Currently got the HD hanging out the side of the case and that is working (connected via ide) but clearly this is less than ideal.  Oh well seems like that will have to do for now.

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