Checkpoint VPN

  • I am using pfsense 1.0.1 with IPsec passthru enabled in the web gui.  I am using checkpoint VPN (VPN-1 secure client R 56 Build no. 619) on my lan clients to connect to remote servers.  My connections go through fine, but after a period (typically 15 mins to 1 hour), the VPN client disconnects.

    I doubt if this is a Checkpoint client/server problem because if I connect through an alternate (FortiGate) gateway in my network, my connections never drop.

    Can someone please help me troubleshoot the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • sounds like some idle timeout. Have a look at the firewallstates for these connections (best viewed at the shell/ssh as you see the timeouts there). Do you see them timing out? If yes try to add some firewallrules for this traffic with higher state timeouts.

  • Hoba, thanks for suggestions!

    I've already "set optimization conservative" through the webgui.  None
    of the other connections are dropping.

    Further, the VPN connection drops even when there is activity, so I
    don't think it's an timeout issue.  As you suggest, I will check out
    the state table entries when the connection drops and report back.

    If you have successfully used a Checkpoint VPN client through a
    pfSense gateway, I'd be very happy if you can share your configuration
    with me.

    Screenshots of my config are posted here.


  • I have not yet used a checkpoint client yet.  :(

    Oh, any chance you have a lifetime mismatch somewhere between the concentrator and the clients?

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