3 crashes: ram problems?

  • Hi guys,

    From what can be done in the information of this 3 crashes (in 3 days, 2 today en 15 minutos), do you think this is "just" a memory problem? This box has suffered from similar crashes in the last months…




    I can put more info from the /var/crash archives if needed. As it's a production enviroment I'd like to be pretty sure about a possible memory problem (and the downtime needed to do a ram check) before making all the needed network configuration changes on the servers after pfsense.

  • I have three boxes running in production. One of them crashed two times with two weeks between crashes. That has been taken out of production. The other box has crashed over and over in the last week. I booted it just an hour ago and it crashed either while rebooting or shortly after the reboot was over.

    I hope it is an issue with the RC3 and not a generally problem with Pfsense. Or hardware that is not working.

    BR. Anders

  • I've been running memtest for 4 days in the box, and no errors. So…

  • Disable msix on your machine.

  • Hi!
    I'm also having this problem.Did disabling of msix solve the issue?

  • Hi

    A little feedback on my problems:

    Crash for specific GHz hardware:
    I had my solution solved. It was specific for GHz hardware from Applianceshop bought with pfsense 1.x.x and manually updated to 2.0. IF I HAD bought it iwith version 2.0 the crashing would never had occured. Applianceshop guided me to a small modification to make there hardware work with pfsense 2.0 without a saily/weekly crash. The solution can be found here:

    General crahs when using NAT Reflection for 1:1 mapping:
    Later I also added the possibility to use NAT Reflection for an IP address used for 1:1 mapping. Aparently pfsense 2.0 does not support that and the box startet to crash again. Again applanceshop came to my help with a few lines from the manual saying this could not be done. The advise was to downgrade to 1.x.x if this feature was desired.

    I have no comments on the msix since I do not know what is is, sorry.

    Br. Anders

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