Quick carp/default gateway question

  • I'm using a two node pf cluster for outbound web traffic.  It's basically protecting 5 web servers.  I have carp and pfsync running correctly I believe because it's showing the backup carp VIPs on the backup server.

    Master LAN IP:
    Secondary LAN IP:
    Carped LAN VIP IP:

    When I set up the first machine, I made the default route/gateway on all my webservers  Obviously if that server eats it, then they can't route out.  So should I be setting the default route to, since that is held as a sync by the secondary?

    Thanks much!

  • Yes - you should use the CARP address for all traffic you want redundancy for.

    The CARP (V)IP is held by which ever system is the master at the time.

  • Works like a charm.  Thanks a bunch!

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