Hard Drive / CF HD errors in a X500 WatchGuard prior to x6000 comming in

  • I been testing with my x500 and trying to get a Hard Drive or a CF HD working in my x500.  I have had no luck at all.  When I use a hard drive it just lights up the LCD and asks for reboot or change bios settings.

    When I install the CF HD (2.5 GB) I get the following error:
    Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ufs/pfsense1
    If you have invalid mount options, reboot, and first try the following from
    the loader prompt:

    set vfs.root.mountfrom.options=rw

    and then remove invalid mount options from /etc/fstab.

    Loader variables:

    Manual root filesystem specification:
      <fstype>:<device>Mount <device>using filesystem <fstype>eg. ufs:/dev/da0s1a
                          eg. cd9660:/dev/acd0
                          This is equivalent to: mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /

    ?                  List valid disk boot devices
      <empty line="">Abort manual input


    Now I am using a 2 GB Nano image.  I read through the forum and I am totally confused why this is not working.  Do I need to try a full install on the 2.5 CF HD.  This is a Segate CF HD.  The HD is a Western digital HD.

    I have tried 4 different Nano Images.

    Ron Carter</empty></fstype></device></device></fstype>

  • I have been working on my box tonight and working with the different lcd and arm lcd mod.  They are working on slice 1, I have duplicated it on slice 2.  None of the 4 hours of work is showing up when I boot between the different slices.  This is very frustration.  What is wrong with the slice duplication??

    I have been working with my bridge and it is working now.  I have set the to any as the source and it working.  I have disconnected a 8 port switch and now using all the ports on the firewall.  It is working great.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Some of the Seagate microdrives (I assume that's what you mean by CF HD) do not support ATA mode. They were used in ipods, for example, where they are accessed as though they are flash.

    Good to hear you got bridging up and running. Is that under 2.0?
    One of the reasons not to use bridging instead of a switch is that it increases CPU load. Have you noticed much of an incraese?


  • no performance issues here.

  • Ron

    Not sure if you still need this on the x500.
    Regarding your first post, this is what I do on the x700 which should work on x500.

    • I used the full CD install to hard-drive loading the drive on a Lenovo r51.

    • Then I tweaked the bootup to point to the correct hard drive. ufs:ad2s1a

    • Then goto web interface - Diagnostics - Edit File & load /ect/fstab

    • Change the old drive information to the correct one: ad2s1a & ad2s1b



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