Pfsense & father-in-law

  • Hello,

    Today it happened again(second time), my father-in-law had nothing else todo than move my firewall(First time I said him quite clear that if he appreciate his car he don't touch my firewall, but opviously not enough).

    concequences this movement is unhilarious that pc what ran pfsense is dead. motherboard and graphic card at least is all dead. Now i'm going to ask you what should i do? move his car "carefully" or what?

    And when i got back home from work and started to diagnose the patient(pfsense) he showed up and started to marvel that pc's are really vulnerable nowadays.

    If he shows up right now i'll knock him out right away

  • Netgate Administrator

    Wow.  :o
    How did he 'move' it to kill the graphics card and motherboard?
    If it was me I'd just send him a bill. Presumably you have to interact with this man on a regular basis, it's not worth the hassle getting into a feud in the long term.
    Keep cool!  8)


  • That's terrible!  I'm amazed he was able to burn up the motherboard just moving the machine.  Did he rub his feet against the carpet and start touching the connectors?  I would hate to see the damage he might do if he got in front of a keyboard.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

  • I had firewall on a stool and we agreed that we(together) install a shelf for that firewall. He had nothing to do so he just grabbed firewall on to his lap and removed stool and started install that shelf. Firewall at his lap and running all the time.

    Later i noticed also, that hdd is also gone, then I stopped diagnosing that machine, it's just needless

    I had a better idea bit later(and cooler), I don't make a firewall anymore for this environment i'll just buy and give him a bill. And yes we see regular basis I live his house for rent. And actually i don't give him a bill, i'll just don't pay rent until we're even. Maybe his wallet teach him to be little more cautious in the future.

  • Dangerous game you're playing there  ;)

  • He actually came and said how sorry he is for his doings.. (BIG TIME VICTORY).
    And he also asked that could i recreate my firewall. But when the discussion went to money part he didn't mention to pay his mistakes..

    So the resolution is at this point, that his workshop and our neighbours doesn't have internet but I do have. And I don't make any firewalls from my wallet..

    My game might be dangerous, but it has a hidden lesson. I've already learned, now I'm waiting if father-in-law learns it