Not sure how to configure my multiple External IP Setup

  • I have pfsense acting as a firewall for my entire network.

    WAN IP:
    WAN GW:

    LAN IP:

    4x external IP's for Hosting side gateway for all is VM HOST VM HOST

    External IP to gateway for intenal LAN pfsense box GW 71.229

    Now the problem I'm having is say we send an email from either 226 or 230 psfsense modifies the packet and sends it out as the IP of the WAN of the pfsense box 70.200 and it is screwing up our configuration for SPF records and such.

    How do I configure PFSense to send as the orginating IP, and possibly keeping the firewall in play?

  • I believe you want 1:1 nat in the situation you described.

  • I actually am using the transparent firewall method and is working great for everything execpt one thing.

    This here

    ***External IP to gateway for intenal LAN pfsense box GW 71.229***

    i have network cameras on an public IP inside the LAN of the first pfsense box.

    when i try to access those cameras from any private IP behind the gateway (second pfsense box), I can't see any of them.

    but from anywhere else in the world i can see them perfectly.

    any suggestions on that?

  • You're doing NAT behind the second box? In that case it'll work the same as anything else, capture traffic on WAN on one of the affected camera's IPs and see if it leaves WAN, if it gets any reply from the camera.

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