Please help with layer 7 filtering !!!

  • hi everyone. i'm using pfsense 2.0 RC1. and al i'm trying to do is to block or limit applications like video for exemple into my lan interface.

    when i chosse the http video in the ''l7'' section of trafic shaper, i wanted to know if all videos are limited or blocked ? i mean, does http video include all video type like AVI or FLV or MPEG etc ?? if no, then what would be the solution because i just can send a video while changing its type and it will go trough the trafic…

    also, the l7 limiter is not working with me. i made a limiter and then choosed this limiterr in the l-7 section and choosed the protocole i wanted to limit but i still can dowload what ever i want from the wan to the lan.

  • first of all l7 filtering isn't working with rc1, try rc3, and check this site for explanation of each filter:

    your best bet to limit videos over http is to use squid transparently with delay pools for .swf, .flv .avi … etc

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