Get error when i install the pfsense

  • I am using the pfsense CD installer and wanna install the pfsense to the HDD

    During the installation,I get the error code of 1(see the Attach)

    I tried Pfsense RC1 ,RC2 (snapshot) and get same issue

    I'm using:
    HDD:Seagate 250GB HDD (SATA2),
    MB:minix H61m-USB3 with dual onboard broadcom Lan
    RAM:2GB DDR-3

    In the BIOS,i have to change the HDD mode to ACHI mode.

    How can I fix it??
    have any possible solutions? ???


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've seen similar issues when there was existing data on the HDD. That isn't normally a problem but can have issues in certain cases.

    Have you tried writing zeroes to the whole drive and then attempting the install again?

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