Setting up DMZ help!

  • Hi,

    Im kinda new with Pfsense 1.23 and i really want to know ho i can setup a simple DMZ.
    i have a little pc here with 3 nic's with the follow ip configs


    I want to use DMZ for my xbox 360 because it has very much trouble with connection to xbox live.
    also my internet modem: is a speedtouch from thomson (famous for the dutch here they are very secure)

    is it possible with the DMZ to get it in IP Range with my thomson? (
    so that UPNP fully works and i can play online without a strict or moderate NAT?

    I hope you guys can help me with some guidance how i setup DMZ in pfsense.



  • You need to use different subnets (IP ranges) on the WAN and DMZ, or you need to bridge the WAN and DMZ. I assume that you've already tried configuring UPnP?

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