Multi-Wan issues 1.3

  • We have two wans, one 20mbit connection and one 100mbit connection. I setup up three interfaces WAN1 WAN2 and LAN. Everything seems to be working except that no matter which machine I have tried I can't seem to get WAN2 as my outgoing. (Load balancing not working right). I suspect it has something to do with our proxy/content filter. All 1500 clients go through one proxy (same ip address) Is pfsense not able to see this as multiple connections and balance? Everything seems to be going through WAN1. Any ideas? Checked the book have tried numerous rules, changes and cannot get it to work.

  • I should also mention, that when we unplug WAN 1 (Fail over) seems to kind of work. Clients cannot connect to the web port 80/443 etc but the proxy is able to ping outside of our network using WAN 2.

  • If the proxy is inside your network that will work fine. If you're proxying traffic on the firewall itself, that's not multi-WAN compatible in v1.2.3, that doesn't sound like the case there though. If pings are failing over you have at least part of the config right, as long as the rule matching the HTTP/HTTPS traffic from the proxy matches the same rule or a rule with the same gateway defined, it'll fail over the same.

  • Thanks for the response. The issue was running the transparent proxy on the pfsense box. We were running two proxies, disabled the pfsense transparent and it all works. :)

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