RRD graph error How can I clear

  • Upgraded Version 2.0 to a new more powerful box (AMD64)and restored my settings.  Everything works except I can no longer view the RRD graph (old box was an Intel).  I don't really want to wipe everything out and start all over again, since the system is like I want it except for the RRD graph.  How can I wipe the RRD graph data out or reset them.  Following is the error I get:

    php: /status_rrd_graph_img.php: Failed to create graph with error code 1, the error is: ERROR: This RRD was created on other architecture/usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph /tmp/system-processor.rrd-8hour.png –start 1307080150 --end 1307108950 --vertical-label "utilization, number" --color SHADEA#eeeeee --color SHADEB#eeeeee --title "hostname - System :: Processor - 8 hours - 1 minute average" --height 200 --width 620 DEF:"user=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:user:AVERAGE" DEF:"nice=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:nice:AVERAGE" DEF:"system=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:system:AVERAGE" DEF:"interrupt=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:interrupt:AVERAGE" DEF:"processes=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:processes:AVERAGE" AREA:"user#990000:user" AREA:"nice#a83c3c:nice:STACK" AREA:"system#b36666:system:STACK" AREA:"interrupt#bd9090:interrupt:STACK" LINE2:"processes#cccccc:processes" COMMENT:"\n" COMMENT:" minimum average maximum current\n" COMMENT:"

    Your help is appreciated and version 2.0 is great! ;D

  • this may be of some help to you…

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