SixXS AICCU support?

  • Hi,

    Is there any hope for adding SixXS AICCU support, preferably working via the webinterface, whether as a package or whatever? At the very least the heartbeat protocol.

    There is a FreeBSD port for AICCU and it's supported by m0n0wall so I would presume can't be that hard to add (but I don't code). I'm currently using m0n0wall but I've been wanting to move to something else, preferably pfSense for a while. The lack of IPv6 support has been the main thing holding me back.

    As a minor aside has anyone got SixXS working in pfSense with a fixed endpoint tunnel (i.e. without AICCU)? I've read some people having issues getting it working in the archives even tho they got HE working. If anyone has, have they then been able to set up their /48 subnet on the LAN successfully?

    More (unimportant) background:

    m0n0wall works well, but is getting a bit limiting. In particular I would like to be able to monitor data usage hopefully per IP since I also have a rather low data cap as with most NZers and would like to see where the data is going (in a benign environment) and also like to make sure my ISP isn't cheating me. (There was a problem in the past where they counted usage that occured offpeak as peak if it was near the start of peak!) It looks like one of the packages for pfSense would do what I want but I still need the IPv6. (Considering the alpha stage, probably IPv6 data won't currently be counted by the monitor tools, this is annoying but isn't a deal breaker.)

    FYI, I can't really use anything else for my IPv6. There is only one tunnel broker in New Zealand and they use SixXS. Because of the high price of international data and the therefore heavy shaping my ISP imposes, using a international, even Australian, tunnel broker doesn't work very well at all even if we ignore the significantly higher latency. There is a 6to4 local provider available to me last time I tried but they were very slow compared to the SixXS NZ POP. And I need AICCU because I'm on a dynamic IP address (my ISP will charge me for a static one). At least I'm not behind a NAT so AYIYA is not needed (although I would presume isn't much harder to add and would be useful for some).

  • fixed endpoint sixxs tunnels work just the same as with HE. There is no issue configuring those.

    I've looked at aiccu but combined with the awkward registration and kredit system I've decided not to invest time in it. If others are willing to code it, that's fine, submit patches or pull requests on

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