NUT and Smart UPS was working - fixed

  • I upgraded to 2.0-rc and nut stopped working.

    I installed the new pfSense and read the original xml file to get NUT up again but to no avail.

    The original file had

    <upstype><cable>940-0024C 00</cable>

    The error I got was: Can't start /usr/local/libexec/nut/apcsmart01: No such file or directory

    A couple of changes were needed: apcsmart01 is now apcsmart and ttyd0 is now ttyu0.



    Once these changes were done it worked fine.</upstype>

  • thank you very much . IT WORKS!!!!  ;D

  • Hi i have problemas again… I upgrade to 2.0RC2 and the problem whith nut persist... how do i know what is the correct tty??

    forgive mi english!!!


  • List the devices. 'ls /dev/'
    There you will see them show up starting with tty.
    It could be that the port you are using is not the first one and will need to change from, for example, ttyd0 to ttyd1, or 2 or whatever.

  • It's working!  :) Thanks a lot!

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