Problen 2 WAN 2 LAN and static routes, failover and balancing

  • Hello,

    I have 2 Wans and 2 LANS  with static routes to other office in pfsense 2.0 last all june updates, when trying to setup load balancing and failover1 rules the system did not respond after few seconds and all traffic is down apparently systems is blocked but when I disconnect any wan interfaces in few seconds system respond, I don’t know wath´s the problem I can see in the forum about load balancing and faileover work fine.

    This is my configuration.

    HP Compaq D220MT P4 2.8MHZ  DD 40GB, 1.1 GB RAM

    WAN1    AAA.AAA.AAA.148/28
    Gateway AAA.AAA.AAA.147
    WAN2    BBB.BBB.BBB.18/29
    Gateway BBB.BBB.BBB.17

    LAN1 192.168.E.3/24
    LAN2 192.168.FF.0/24

    Gateway: Interconexión 192.168.E.1

    Static Routes  192.168.A.0/24 GW 192.168.E.1
                    192.168.B.0/24 GW 192.168.E.1
                  192.168.C.0/24 GW 192.168.E.1
                    192.168.D.0/24 GW 192.168.E.1

    Nicanor Martinez

  • Anyone can helpme ?



  • Maybe if you provide some more info, there isn't enough there for anyone to tell you anything. How your rules are setup, what you see in the system logs, etc.

  • Thanks,

    I can't get logs now, in default rules when i change gateway for gateway group for fail-over or group for balancing and system after few seconds apparently is block, i remember a message in log  can't determine default gateway assuming up,  but no more information, I'm going to test on Tuesday to get more information.

    Without activate the rules for load balancing and fail-over i change the default gateway and i can redirect manually  internet the traffic for any wan1 and Wan2 and including gateway for my static routes.


    Nicanor M.

  • Hello,

    My Network cards:

    Intel Pro , Built in  (bfe0), 3 Dlink DGE-528T (re0,re1,re2)



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