Load LCDd an lcdproc on startup

  • Hi,

    the pfS-LCDproc-package won't work for my HD44780 LCD, so I have to install LCDproc by myself - working perfect.

    Now trying to load the LCDd and lcdproc autom. on startup. Install Shellcmd-Package and add a command for LCDd (/usr/local/sbin/LCDd) - works.

    Add a command for lcdproc (/usr/local/bin/lcdproc) - won't work. Trying only "lcdproc" as command - won't work…

    When exec "lcdproc" and "/usr/local/bin/lcdproc" via shell lcdproc is executed without errors.

    Any idea?


    Greetings from Germany,


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