Need advice on replacing my 100Mbps wireless router.

  • I need to replace my 100Mbps wireless router with a gigabit wireless router or switch.  I will need wireless capabilities for at least 1 pc and 2 printers and probably a guest or two with wireless laptop.

    I was thinking of just getting a gigabit wireless router, but I've been reading that switches are much better and faster.  but there are so many different types of switches I don't know which one would be best for just home use with a lot of online gaming and personal use in general.

    Thanks in advance

  • Mark,
    I use a combination of products:

    • Watchguard x-6000

    • Dell 8 port gb switch

    • Linksys / Cisco  Range Extender Wireless router (4 ports)

    I have a total 14 devices on my network, of that, 3 are phones, 1 wireless laptop, 2 tablets, 1  desktop with a wireless card, 8 wired connections.  My router supports b,g,n.  Average connection sped is 54 MB.

    My guess it depends on you needs.  My home network is more complicated due to location of devices.  One more detail is how fast is your internet connection.  Mine is 10 meg down and 768 up.

    I guess it really depend on where you need to locate everything and the number of ports that you need. 

  • The benchmarks and graphs on Small Net Builder are well worth reading. They'll tell you which devices have Gbit interfaces and are barely capable of pushing 20 Mb/s, and which really can push Gb/s.

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