I have no internet but ping works

  • Hello.

    This is my problem, and i think its very stupid, cause it makes no sense:

    I have multi WAN, and turns out that when i unplugged one of the WANs to test failover, i still have no internet althought modem says i do have :S.

    tested the connection at the console with "ping www.google.com"
    and it solves the address but says "Cant route to host", so i thought it was a problem with firewall but couldnt fix it :S.

    and here's the strange (stupid) thing:

    when i try to ping to www.google.com from the ping utility of the web configurator it works…

    so the question is why ping dosnt work from the console but works from the ping utility ?
    and how can i make failover work ?

    i have spent many hours trying to fix it so please help me! i will thank you a lot.

  • Which guide did you follow to set up multiWAN?
    This sounds to me like a problem with the gateway pool in your firewall rules.

  • Ping from the web utility only works through wan 1 AFAIK. Are you running a squid/transparent? I had the same exact problem and shutdown squid and everything worked with no issues.

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