2 wan 1 lan

  • 2wan and 1 lan

    I have 2 wan and 1 lan.
    eth1=isp1 (ip fix)
    eth2=isp2 (adsl ip fix)
    I need eth2 backup for eth1, if eth1 is down I can use eth2, but in same time  I need work both, eth1 and eth2.
    I need that because i have a server with a aplication. This aplication work with 7900 port.
    I redirect all eth1 traffic to local ip (aplication). I need in same time redirect all traffic from eth2 (ppp0) to local ip
    I can use this distro for that? How? You can help me?


  • If I understand you right xplozia, then you can do this with pfSense - see here http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-Wan/Load-Balancing for load balancing, with this set up you can also make particular traffic (to an internet server, or from a local server) favour a particular connection.

    Note that to get this you need the 1.0.1 iso disc, and then update to mid jan or later snapshot - I'm currently running on 9th Feb snapshot which works mostly OK for me.

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