Firewall: Traffic Shaper: Wizards, where is my interfaces?

  • For most part got everything working but no traffic shaping, when trying to use wizards I get: You have less interfaces than number of connections!
    Tried all of them, tried setting different interface numbers, no go, is there a way to fix this?

    Running under proxmox, 2.0-RC1 i386, ran update on 5/4, 2 virtio nics(wan and lan), with drivers from this thread:,34911.0.html
    Would be nice to include those drivers in final release, seem to run stable here.

    I suspect issue is with the way interface named(vtnet) but not familiar enough to troubleshot this issue.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I responded on that other thread but it really belongs here:

    Try adding it to the list at line 3520 of /etc/inc/

    It may not really be altq capable, but you can try.

  • Will the virtio driver be included in the final release of PfSense 2.0?

    It's mentioned in this (,34911.0.html) thread that it's included since 2.0 but I won't get it working only by installing it manually.

    "We have added this driver to 2.0.  Please test a new snapshot and it should be present sometime tomorrow."

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