Mon Jun 6 00:12:42 EDT 2011 - Back to RC1 [SOLVED = OWN STUPIDITY]

  • 2.0-RC1-IPv6 (i386)
    built on Mon Jun 6 00:12:42 EDT 2011

    Not sure if this was just a hiccup in my update, but after updating to the latest snapshot today my system hung on boot, then after a manual hard restart of the machine, rebooted with the warning that current config was created by a newer version than that of the installed version. Things appear to be running fine, with the exception of the above 2.0-RC1 claim.

    I had been doing regular snapshot updates with auto IPv6 gitsyncs up until the "merge blip" on 06/01 where I happen to update in the 2 hour window when things were screwy and borked my system. So I downloaded the 2.0-RC2 05/13 IPv6 snapshot and did a manual gitsync afterwards. Things had been running fine, but of course, I wanted to get up to the latest snap today and got this.

    Again, maybe it was just my combo of pieces… but wanted to post just in case.
    I thought about posting in the IPv6 forum too, but initially am thinking it more a general snapshot issue over an IPv6 thing... sorry if it's not and should have been over there.

  • OK, I'm sorry, this was my own fault…

    Apparently when I reloaded my backup config after my latest re-install to the 2.0-RC2 05/13 IPv6 snapshot I must have had the old repository instead of the newer git:// repo, and because of the fact that up until today I had only been gitsync'ing manually and not installing the latest snapshots, I just hadn't noticed this. Then when I did run the snapshot update today, it auto gitsync'ed to the last thing up at the old repo, which would have bumped me back to RC1.

    Just did a manual gitsync with the new repo and all is well.

    2.0-RC2-IPv6 (i386)
    built on Mon Jun 6 00:12:42 EDT 2011

    Sorry to have wasted everyones time. :-/

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