MIRC DCC Sends - Unable to DCC Send

  • I do get a persistant "connection failed" when i try to send out files in mIRC via DCC send.

    pfSense 2.0-RC1 (i386)
    built on Tue Mar 1 18:54:10 EST 2011

    Settings as below.

    If Proto Src. addr Src. ports Dest. addr         Dest. ports         NAT IP NAT Ports
    WAN TCP/UDP * *         WAN address 51201 - 51210 51201 - 51210

    mIRC client has been set to the following:
    DCC send ports: 51201 - 51210

    Does anyone have any idea why the port forwarding does not work? Some help would be appreciated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do you have a firewall rule to pass traffic from any source to port 21201-21210 ?

    No reason it shouldn't work, there is an extensive port forward troubleshooting doc on the wiki. It isn't usually hard to figure out.

  • Hi jimp

    I managed to find the issue. Problem lay with the mIRC client with this feature called "Passive DCC".
    It MUST be disabled in order for the NAT to work properly.

    Thanks for the assist and hope this thread helps others.

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