Memory usage always high

  • My memory usage always seems to be running pretty high, between 60 - 80% and my machine has 4GB of memory.. Is this normal or should i be looking for a problem that i might have?

  • what packages do you have installed ?

    squid ?

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    That depends on where the memory is being used. Free memory is wasted memory. The system will use a lot for caching, buffers, etc, etc.

    Run top for a few minutes and look at the various memory counts there.

  • Yes using squid.  I have it basically setup as a firewall with just squid and captive portal in use

  • If you are using squid this is normal.
    I have 4GB RAM and when I run squid form some days there are 75% RAM in use ~ 2.2GB only for the squid process:

    SQUID uses RAM for the index of your "Hard disk cache size".  (I use 10240 ~ 10GB)
    Its dependent on the "Memory cache size" (I use 1024 ~ 1GB)
    and it is dependent of the "Maximum object size" (I use 524288 ~ 512MB)

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