WAN to LAN throughput

  • I already read the system requirements for the throughput, however, what exactly is "Server class hardware?"

    I would like to push at least 250-300Mbps throughput WAN to LAN. Would a consumer desktop motherboard be sufficient? EX: P45 board & DDR2 NON-ECC & Q6600 be enough?


    Edit: Looking back, what I meant to say is, do I really need ECC + Server grade parts in order to push 250Mbps+?

    • Sashi

  • Depends on the system but generally desktop-class hardware with PCI NICs is ok for ~250-300 Mbps. Any more than that and you're going to hit the limits of the PCI bus. A newer motherboard with PCI-e NICs is more along the lines of server class hardware and can exceed that easily.

  • Ah cool cool, I have Intel PCI-E nics in the server, that should be aok right?

  • yep

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