Transparent shaper: Is this setup possible?

  • Hi,

    i have a Situation like this:

    Different LANS –-- Cisco L3 Switch ---- m0n0wall ---- Cisco ASA (WAN and IPSec Endpoint)

    As the shaper in 2.0 has many improvements i would change the m0n0 against a pfSense. At the moment the m0n0 has 3 NICs. One is connected to the LAN just to manage it and the WAN is bridged with the 3rd NIC. Its a long time ago i had set up this scenario, but a that time it was better to use m0n0 doing the shaper job ...

    Now i will benefit from the 2.0 shaper. I played with it at home but have some questions. Is it still necessary or easier to do it with a 3 NIC hardware and put it in between the switch and the asa ... or is 2 NICs enough? The shaper is just a shaper and has no other purpose. It should have al least 2 bridged interfaces where the packets flow through transparent an a IP where i can manage the box (in case of need may be over 3rd NIC as i had already, but would be nice to hear if i don't need a 3rd NIC).

    It would be nice to have some suggestions, how to setup this scenario.

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