2.0 DHCP server

  • Is there a way in v2.0 to import in mass static ip's ? We plan on switch from a windows dhcp server to using pfsense to do it but are looking for a way to import thousands of reservations.

  • If you make a backup all config is written into a XML file. So you can get your ips to the pfsense xml config file and import them. Could you tell me why do you need thousands static dhcp ips?

  • Perhaps he has many employees which shoul have always the same IP when they are in the company but the should have dynamic IP when they are in a hotel and the user does not need to change the interface settings (or is not allowed to do so).

    If you import all the IPs to the config.xml does this mean that alle the reservations are visible in the pfsense webGUI ? Or is there another file which needs additional configurations ?

  • Easiest to just script creation of the XML, taking from an export of your existing DHCP server. Can just add one through the GUI and backup your config to see the appropriate XML tags.

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