Carp Sync.

  • I am setting up 2 pfsenses routers in a carp unit. I have everything configured according to the documentation on the web. The states are syncing and the routers see each other and fail back and forth. However changes to the master are not reflected in the slave. I have seen references to a check box to enable sync however I do not see it any. Also I have setup VIP on the wan port and pointed the outbound nat to the VIP but a check of what is my ip still shows the ip on the nic. Also when I enable the captive on the lan the firewall blocks all traffic. I an using the snapshot from earlyer today.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If your settings are not syncing, check Firewall > Virtual IPs, on the CARP Settings tab. On 2.0 the whole lower 2/3 of the page is for config sync. Put in the IP, password, and check all of the boxes on the master. Leave that whole section empty on the slave.

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