CARP not working & no error msgs

  • I have Firewall-A and Firewall-B. Firewall-B only exists to server as a CARP failover node.

    I've setup my VIP's and CARP settings as I had them before in pf-1.2.3, but the failover node never receives anything. In Firewall-A, the CARP status shows everything as "MASTER" and in Firewall-B, the CARP status shows "Could not locate any defined CARP interfaces."

    I have a "FAILVOER" interface that both firewalls are configured with (using internal IP addresses). And I have Firewall-A setup to sync to the external IP where the web config is for Firewall-B. Same setup as I had before… same network even.

    To make matters worse, I cannot find anything in any logs about CARP. No errors, no sync messages. Nothing.

    Am I missing something? Any help appreciated here.


  • I just installed two 2.0 RC1 boxes and followed the procedure at - and CARP works nicely for me so far.

    There are some differences in where stuff is and how you find it on 2.0, but it's pretty minor. So, there's nothing magical you have to do that isn't covered by the above tutorial, but there are several places you can slip up - for instance, the sync interface needs firewall rules on both boxes to permit all traffic in order for it to be possible to sync.

    Also, you need to make sure you get the admin login password for the failover box correct when setting up the config sync feature on the primary so that any firewall changes you make on the primary gets passed along.

    Step through the tutorial and make sure you've done all the same steps, would be my off-the-cuff advice.

  • But aren't you supposed to see "XMLRPC sync" messages in the log file? At least attempts to sync? I see nothing on either firewall.


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