Pfsense as router

  • Hi!

    Please, excuse me my bad english and also, if the topic was covered here.

    I have a fibre connection that is the GW, with and IP (all IP's aren't reals). Then a machine with 3 eth:
    xl0 - LAN (admin only).
    xl1 - WAN gw fixed with
    xl2 - OPT1 gw fixed with

    Also the firewall rules are deactivated, because I only want a router only machine (no NAT).

    In another machine I have this:
    xl0 - LAN (real LAN).
    xl1 - WAN gw fixec with

    Between xl1 from first machine and xl1 from second machine, there is a (I don't know how to say this in english)… crossed utp cable, directly between interfaces.
    If I try to ping to, doesn't work. If I put a ethernet cable to a switch either work... If I ping in the first router machine to, also doesn't work...

    Well, I'm not a guru (is evident), but I think that something is escaping to me. If you could help me with any comment, url to documentation, I will be been thankful.

    Thank you very much.

    Have a nice day ;-)

  • try to put a rule in firewall rules under each NIC, a rule that permit ICMP from xl1 to xl1 and viceversa.

  • xl1 - WAN gw fixed with
    xl2 - OPT1 gw fixed with

    you have a loop between xl1 and xl2
    the gateway for xl1 is wrong
    you enter a ip of xl2 but the xl2 ip is not on the xl1 site

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