Pfsense 2.0 usage

  • Hello,

    I have read that PFsense 2.0 isn't polish enough for serious usage. But talking about RC1 version is it stable enough to use in commercial environment for these purposes:

    1. Firewall, NAT for web server with 50 000 visitors per day.
    2. VPN for connecting and securely administer servers.
    3. Failover with two boxes and 2 public IP addresses with the same gateway. To use it in two boxes inside VMware Esxi 3.5. Every VMware PC has just one nic.
    4. Traffic shapping


  • I'm using it for production in my office.. I have two boxes with CARP, doing WAN failover on 3 different ISP's. However, I'm only doing some port forwarding, and routing among a couple VLAN's.

    It has it's glitches… If something goes wrong my 50 users may not have internet for a few minutes while it reboots. If you have that many people hitting a webserver right now I would wait a bit. PFSense 2.0 is a GREAT OS. However, I would wait a bit before making it a production box in a high use environment.

  • I'm running 2.0 on an old Thinkpad and have moved 191GB in the past 18 days with traffic shaping, no problems.

    Just make sure the box you run it on is 110% stable…preferred with ECC memory.

  • I've been running it in a couple of places, main place is a multi-wan, multi-vlan setup running on esxi, uptime is 62 days currently. Only been rebooted the one time since february to update to a newer build.

  • Thanks everyone for answers. I decided to wait until it will be marked as stable version.
    By the way, I decided to use 1.2.3 version and installed it (Virtual Appliance) in VMware ESXi 3.5 with only one physical nic.
    Everything seems to be working fine but I noticed one thing and formulated my question in this topic,37581.0.html

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    2.0 (RC3 now) should be just fine for the vast majority of people to use in production.

    There are still a few open issues, but less every day, and many of those are things that only affect a small number of people.

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