Ubuntu and pfsense ?

  • Dear All,

    I have an issue at work, I installed pfsense 2.0 on a box and basically followed the turoial at smallnetworkbuilder (I only skipped WLAN and the failover). This is just a test box.
    I have 8 public ips, 1 is used by a linksys router which is configured like a home router, another one is used by the pfsense box.
    So during this trial period, my computer is accessing internet through the pfsense box and the rest of the LAN is accessing through the router.
    LAN–--> router
        ----> pfsense
    on the LAN I have 40+ pcs and my pc has and I have set the pfsense box as my gateway.

    Today, I installed a ubuntu in a VM for our future mail deployment, it's on a vmware server and the LAN is bridged to the network card on my own computer, I set as a fixed ip and it's using the pfsense box as the gateway. At that point, I can ping on the internet, I can ping the internal LAN, everything.
    The problem is that through pfsense, I cannot update with apt get, all the url return a 404 error. It finds the ip, but return a 404 error for all the urls. (something like cannot fetch archive.ubuntu.com... etc... with an IP)
    If I switch manually the gateway to use the router by editing /etc/network/interfaces it works.
    Is there anything I need to do in ubuntu in terms of firewall/proxy?? I have squid and snort on the pfsense box (squid as a transparent proxy if I am not mistaken).

    In the future, I want to move the VM into a ESxi box on a DMZ, thus, I would like to be able to access the repositories behind pfsense.
    I tried to googled the problem but I don't really manage to find the correct answer.
    Thanks for the help.

  • It may be a Squid problem - have you checked the Squid logs?

  • @Cry:

    It may be a Squid problem - have you checked the Squid logs?

    Apparently that was it, I switch my host to point to the same gateway, apparently, I was using the wrong one… so now, the host cannot resolve it too, i am digging into pfsense to see what's wrong in there.

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