Two subnets, one pfsense box, no cups.

  • I'd like to setup pfsense as a firewall box for my two networks.  They're configured as such:

    DSL connection
    pfsense box
    192.168.0.x network
    cisco layer 2 switch
    192.168.1.x network

    I'd like to be able to reach systems on the 192.168.1.x network from the 192.168.0.x network.  However, when the gateway is configured to the pfsense box, they don't see each other.  I understand WHY it happens, just wondering what I need to configure on the pfsense box to use it as a gateway and still reach the 1.x network.

  • So you have 2 subnets in your LAN. The best practice to handle this is VLAN:

    • Create 2 VLANs on your switch

    • Create those 2 VLANs on your pfSense and the pfSense will be the default gateway for your 2 subnet

    • Configure rules as you wish on pfSense

    That's it…

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