WEP key in 2.0?

  • So I'm trying to use pfSense to make a wireless connection to an AP that is using WEP encryption.

    The key is a phone number I.E. 1234567890. pfSense accepts the key but puts a "0x" in front of it leading me to believe it thinks that it is a 10 digit hex key, and then it never successfully connects.

    However, I tried connecting it to a WPA2 encrypted AP and it connected immediately. Am I doing something wrong here?

  • facepalm Imagine that, spelling the AP's name wrong makes it not connect…  :D

  • Why in the world would someone still use WEP? That is hacked in minutes at most…

  • Probably att, their default (like most of my neighbors) is wep and the use of numbers.

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