RC1 update problems

  • I am trying to do a manual update on a PC install of 1.2.3 to RC1 and just as it did when doing update TO 1.2.3 it now is taking a looong time and looks like it's not working.

    Is the web GUI feature for manual update working in a stable manner?

    My install has been sitting running for more than 20 min now since i pressed the "upgrade firmware" button. Nothing happens it seems.

    Install file is correct and hash checked ok.

    How long should it be sitting there and now what's the best way to proceed from here if it's stuck? Will a stuck update procedure initiated from web GUI mess something up?

  • I would suggest doing the Update from Console. The webgui is flaky, especially on weekends  (welcome to snapshot land)  ;D

    Enable SSH from your Webgui, then log into your box with an SSH client.

    PFSENSE will ID whether you are using the 32 or 64 bit version and ask if you want to do it "auto".

    Type in auto and hit enter.

    After it has downloaded the update it will give a silly mssage about proceeding even though the certificate is missing or bad or something like that, enter type in yes, hit enter and you should be good to go. The console monitor will show what it is doing.

    I just did this on a 64 bit box that was refusing to upgrade via the upload file via the webgui.

  • Yeah doing it from ssh seem stable.

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