Installed pfsense, so what is next now to control users internet…

  • Hi,
    I have installed pfsense,
    attached 2 network cards,
    take internet from wan connected card give to lan connected switch and to computers.

    but what is next now, should I have to install another package to control computers internet, if so any howtos information can be very helpfull.
    or is there any section under pfsense that I cant see already I can see which computers goes to which web sites.

    looking forward for any help.

  • Its not clear to me what you are looking for: some or all of

    • control access to particular web sites

    • control access to particular IP adresses

    • control Internet bandwidth used by "local" systems

    • control access to local computers from the internet

    • something else again

    Have you read any of the tutorials linked from ?

  • Hi,
    sorry this pssense installation frustrated me…
    I need to control terminials, which web site they visiting,
    how much bandwith they using
    like basic proixy needs...

  • as addition,
    I read tutoriald,
    downloaded ebook recently, still reading, that guid pfsense thing,
    looked tutorials but they really says nothing,
    checked video sites for tutorials…

  • Netgate Administrator

    pfSense doesn't have a web proxy installed by default. If you want to control outbound traffic on a url basis you will need to install the Squid package (an http proxy) and the Squidguard package for managing the squid acl control lists.



  • brilliant tip,
    didnt see that plus sign under packages,
    started downloading…will see what will come up next...
    thanks again...

  • Hi,
    will sound like dummy question too but,
    I installed squid and enabled transparent proxy, adn disabled later to see difference
    I put port 3128 under terminals internet explorer settings.
    but where can I see logs of which pages they visiting under squid proxy log or report…
    couldnt find that...

    thanks in advance...

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmmm, I'm not actually using squid at the moment, because I'm running embedded.
    Is it not under: Status -> System Logs ?

    You could use the lightsquid package to get nice reports of what your users are doing.


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