Newbie Install question for OPT1 existing WAN works perfectly

  • Been using PFSense (latest update of 2.0 RC on AMD 64)for about a year and love it.  We currently have a dsl connection which works perfectly with PFSense.  We are upgrading to a 30Mbps connection which the ISP provides with a very basic router which must be used for the service to work.  Pfsense provides superior functionality and security and we wish to remain with PFsense.

    I have connected this new 30Mbps network to the PFSense router using the OPT1 card and the provided 192.168.2.XXX link.  Been trying to do some testing before making the switch and I am running into problems.  (see Image)

    I have forwarded on the ISP2 router the ports required to the port on OPT1 (DHCP) on the PFsense router.  The issue is I can't seem to get traffic routed over OPT1 either from the internet or from internally.  DNS test properly and routes to new Internet address.  OPT1 is configured just like another WAN interface.  Should it be configured as a Gateway Interface or something else and if yes how do I do this?

    Also how do I get PFsense to send traffic over the OPT1/WAN2 connections since it is still sending everything over the dsl WAN connection.

    I have been testing using our FTP server which I can connect to, from the outside but cannot view any directory listing using the new OPT1 connection.  Tried passive and active mode with same results.

    Any Help would be appreciated.  How can I get OPT1 to work properly?



  • Netgate Administrator

    In order to get pfSense to use more than one WAN connection you have to set firewall rules to point at the correct gateway. If you look at system -> routing -> gateways you should see two gateways, one for each wan interface. On the page you also have 'groups' where you can set up groups of gateways for outbound load balancing or failover.

    You don't have to use loadbalancing, and in some cases it will cause problems, instead use policy based routing where you set firewall rules that send some clients to wan1 and some to wan2 for example.

    Are you sure you have to use the extra router and can't put it in bridge mode?


  • Thanks, now working properly.

    To answer your question on the router, no because it supports a fiber network and without it the fiber is not configured.

    Thank you for the help.


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