Squid Null FS, No HD for Embedded

  • I was trolling the older squid-cache forums and found this little tidbit.

    From: Adrian Chadd adrian@dont-contact.usDate: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:41:26 +0800

    On Thu, Jul 21, 2005, mohinder garg wrote:


    I am looking to make some changes in squid. As of now i think squid
    definitely needs hard disk to run. I want to know if there is any way
    i can run it totally on RAM ? I know that is not an efficient way but
    still i just want to try it. if u can help me in it i'll be highly
    thankful to you.

    You can compile squid with the null FS type. Disable logging (access
    and store) in the config file. That should reduce the disk usage to nil.


    So #1, is our squid compiled with this support.

    #2, can we do this? It would be nice to use the 2-4GB's some of our embedded firewalls have for memory caching of frequent web objects, especially considering they have 90+ day up times. This would save bandwidth and make our internet connection seem more 'spunky'.

    Any comments / Suggestions?/adrian@dont-contact.us

  • you can disable logging, you can set the object size to 0.

  • So if I understand correctly if you set the maximum object size to 0, it will still memory cache but not disk cache?

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