Force LAN IP range to use Squid / SquidGuard and bypass for all others

  • Using pfSense 2 RC1 as a captive portal, base setup with two interfaces (LAN/WAN) with a wireless AP connected to LAN.  I have Squid and SquidGuard installed and am using DHCP on the LAN segment.  I'd like to force several PCs and iMacs to use the proxy while bypassing it for all other hosts.

    I've configured squid as a transparrent proxy and tried to bypass the DHCP IP range from the proxy by using "Bypass proxy for these source IPs" in the squid proxy GUI.  The hosts that I want forwarded through the proxy would be statically assigned and not in this range.  However, when I put a range such as, nothing gets proxied.  I'm assuming it doesn't like the range defined this way.  It there another way I can enter it without listing all 200 IPs separated by a ;.  If I remove the range, the proxy works fine, so i'm pretty sure the problem has something to do with my IP range.

    Or, is there another way to accomplish this?  The bottom line is I'm trying to content filter several LAN PC's while bypassing the filter for all other LAN devices.


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