Does squid already have Videocache on 2.0??

  • Hey all, i have been looking at videocache recently as i see ALOT of my clients use sites like and other sites for video streaming.  Is videocache something i need to install via the shell or is it already on 2.0?  I ask because i did a test when i first setup my transparent proxy with a youtube video and it seemed to cache it (and i did delete all cache from my browser before testing this).

    I really need to save all the bandwidth i possible can with my proxy at the moment as i am very low on bandwidth and am waiting for more to be installed…

  • i also want to know if this still works…
    2.0-RC3 (i386)
    built on Fri Jul 1 00:16:18 EDT 2011

  • I doubt it last I checked you had to purchase video cache to run it with squid.
    I run lusca cache on 123 works fine. Haven't tried it on 2.0

  • Anyone can post instruction on how to install the Lusca Cache as I was using it all along but recently its packages hosting was out of service and I can install using pFsense Lusca packages system.

    Thanks in advance.


    Comment by cbuechler, Apr 2, 2010

    WARNING: The instructions here will change your pfSense packages to no longer pull from the official package repository, which means you will no longer get any of the official packages (or get an out of date version served by this unofficial package server). <– I don't know if this is still true.

  • Anyone tested videocache + squid on pfSense 2.0 yet? I really want squid to cache my youtube content…

  • I tried it and was getting some errors on youtube (i tested on different clients as well). I ended up going back to regular squid, will wait for an official package

  • what kind of errors? mine is ok.

  • Wait so are you now talking about Videocache is working with no errors on 2.0? or are you talking about that Lusca?

    So why is it then that my plain old squid seems to cache youtube videos anyways, so does that mean Videocache is actually installed already on pfSense?

    I rested by watching a large video, after i deleted and possible browser cache, turned squid off and watched it again.. still very slow, so i then deleted browser cache again and switched squid on, and it went through flawlessly..

    Also i see that all my clients usage on Lightsquid always shows the youtube videos with a name like youtube-cache-…

  • sorry, referring to lusca.
    i'll try the videocache on my other box and post the results later.

  • Ah ok, cheers.. looking forward to see how it goes for you..

    I know where to access the cache on my box (/var/squid/cache)

    But is there anyway that i can actually see the contents of the cache, to see what youtube videos are actually in there?

  • @jikjik101:

    sorry, referring to lusca.
    i'll try the videocache on my other box and post the results later.

    How'd you go with this?

  • Sorry for wait reply. I was trying to do a fresh install on my box but it seems my squid is not working properly.
    I will try again this weekend for another fresh install.
    I'll post what I can get after it.

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