NAT 1:1 issue with mac -> lan ip address

  • Hi

    I have a short range of IP's pointing to a RC2.0 box.
    One is mapped 1:1 to a static LAN address with no problem
    Another is mapped 1:1 to an address that is staic/dynamic assigned by the Pfsense by mapping a MAC to a static LAN IP. That is not working.

    Working example:

    1. VIP = x.x.x.50
    2. LAN IP for mapping:
      LAN IP is configured as a static local IP

    This setup does not work:

    1. VIP = x.x.x.51
    2. LAN IP for mapping:
      LAN IP is assigned staic/dynamic by pfsense based on server MAC-address. The server gets the correct local IP, but I can not do the mapping…

    Diffence: Seems only to be how the local IP is assigned to the local device... actually, that does not make sense. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I could be doing wrong?

    Br. Anders

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