2.0RC2 - click on "ARP Tables" from GUI hangs the webgui

  • Title says it all, whenever I try clicking on ARP Tables, my router webgui hangs up for 3-5 minutes.  During that time routing seems to work normally but the gui is totally unresponsive.  Eventually it comes back after some minutes have elapsed.

    Tested with RC2 Jun9 and Jun13 builds, 1GB nanobsd running on Netgate Hamakua.

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    No bug on the full install from jun 13.

  • I had this too when I had a lot of connected evices, but again I am not on the latest build yet.  For me it hung the server not just the gui

  • Well this was just minutes after a reboot on a small LAN with only about 15 devices, so the table must have been very, very small.

  • I've noticed that happens when you don't have reverse DNS (usually no DNS server configured or reachable).

  • ah, could be.  During the timeframe I was testing this, the primary (WAN1) gateway was down, and failover was not working– so effectively DNS was dead.  Is there any workaround for this, or should I just "not push that button" until it's fixed?

  • Also, what is the correct procedure for filing bugs against this project? Is there an issue tracker, JIRA, Mantis etc?  Where would the relevant logs be that should be included in any bug reports?

  • Bump, sorry if I'm asking a stupid question but - what is the correct bug reporting procedure?

  • This issue is fixed.


    Bump, sorry if I'm asking a stupid question but - what is the correct bug reporting procedure?

    Post here and once something is confirmed it can be opened as a ticket in redmine. The vast majority of bug reports from non-developers are config issues, not bugs so unless you can pinpoint the cause in the source code, post here first.

  • Okay, great, thanks.  So just want to make sure I am getting this; you're saying that us 'end users' should not be opening tickets in redmine – the devs will do that once bugs that get reported here are confirmed?

  • Yes.

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