Captive Portal for 'Agree to terms' - per user bandwidth?

  • Hi, I am trying to get a captive portal working (I have another post about allowed hostnames that relates to this but is a seperate issue) in order to present users with an 'agree to these terms before continuing' page.  they click Yes and they can access the Internet

    The way I did this is to hard code a hidden field in the cp html page with a username and password that I configure as a local user, and usersw just click the submit button.  I allow multiple logins and it works well enough

    However I want to then restrict users to 100K/sec each across all browsing (so not per firewall rule or per site, as I think queues will do).  Under the captive portal config you can allow per user bandwidth - but as I have all users authenticating as the same username will that not then limit all users to one 100K/sec pool?
    Thanks, –Chris

  • It uses ip's and not usernames to do the limiting.

  • OK Cool thanks.  I assumed it would be by each username logged in, thats great.

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