Authentification Captive Portal

  • Hello,
    I have a problem with my captive portal since I moved from build 2.0 RC1, 25may to build 2.0 RC2, 14june.
    Until now, to connect to the portal, I enabled user accounts and vouchers and everything is working well.
    On the latest version, the user accounts do not work if the vouchers are activated. (they are disconnected after several seconds). But they work fine if the vouchers are disabled.
    This is normal? There is no means to have the 2 authentification enable?
    Thank you

    PS: Sorry for my English, I'm french ;)

  • I did the change before 2 days.
    I thought nobody was using it.

    Please go to newer snaps to get the behavior back.

  • Hello,

    I installed the update and it's ok.
    Thank you for your help ;)
    Very speed ^^

  • Hi,

    I have a strange issue with snap version. Installation on Xeon server goes smooth and by default NAT works fine. Once the  captive portal been enabled it stops browsing even if the user is successfully Authenticated [ local db or Radius]. This problem is persisting with only Xeon machine, the same CD works fine with a core 2 duo or i3 machines…Help me out..

    Tried with various version on 2.xx

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