OSPF - Multi WAN - No Worky - Gateway Issue?

  • I've got an interface setup named ASALink that (logically enough) connects pfSense to a few security appliances that do various VPN tunnels.

    I've installed OSPFd and that all seems to be working okay, the status page shows all of the correct links and routers, but I can't get to anything from the LAN side.

    The interface on the ASALink network has no gateway set, do I need to add the ASAs in there? Although that defeats the whole dynamic part of the protocol if I have to manually keep track of gateway devices.

    Is it a firewall thing? NAT? Not having a gateway?

    Here is a snippit of the OSPF routing table with one of the networks I'm trying to get to

    Destination          Nexthop           Path Type    Type      Cost    Uptime       Intra-Area   Router    10      00:14:13       Type 2 ext   Network   10      00:14:13

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