4 GB image does not fit on 4GB CF card

  • Sounds like a silly question, but when is 4GB not 4GB.  Different memory card manufacturers see these numbers as meaning different things.
    I ask because two Sandisk Ultra 4GB Compact Flash cards came across my desk, one fits the 4GB image just fine, the other fails writing (using physdiskwrite.exe) at 4000317440 bytes.  Both cards look identical, but their guts must be different.
    Interestingly 4000317440 bytes is exactly 4000MB, and not 4096MB which is truly 4GB.
    The current image pfSense-2.0-RC1-4g-i386-20110614-1153-nanobsd.img.gz clocks in at 4007775744 bytes.

    Should the images be prepared with this in mind and be limited to partition sizes of 1000, 2000 and 4000MB respectively so they work on the maximum amount of hardware?


  • Netgate Administrator

    This has been discussed before. The images have been reduced in size but manufacturers keep shrinking their cards.  ::)
    In the mean time just use the 2GB image on your 4000MB card. I can't think of anything you could use the extra space for anyway.


  • I ran into the same issue trying to fit the 2gb image onto a Sandisk 2gb card.  No dice. 
    Had to use the 1gb image.
    Those stingy mfrs !!

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