OpenNTPd starts more than once, then dies

  • Hi,
    I'm running the latest snapshot:

    I have installed the openntpd package from "Packages". Everything seems to run fine, the service is running. However, after a day, I look at "Status/Services" and now there is "OpenNTPd", but two times! The system usually is using 100% CPU then. The usage also does not change after I end the OpenNTPd service. I can't log into the firewall with SSH, (I think it's because of the CPU usage).
    The weird thing is, the OpenNTPd service seems to add up. Meaning, after two or three days there will be three entrys for OpenNTPd. I have now removed the package. The log doesn't say much:

    Feb 14 08:54:26 ntpd[1006]: Terminating
    Feb 14 08:54:26 ntpd[1006]: Lost child: child exited
    Feb 14 08:54:26 ntpd[1006]: dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed
    Feb 14 08:54:26 ntpd[1007]: fatal: bind: Address already in use
    Feb 14 08:54:26 ntpd[1007]: listening on
    Feb 14 08:54:15 ntpd[756]: ntp engine ready
    Feb 14 08:54:15 ntpd[756]: listening on

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