IPTV, Web, VLC connection setup question

  • I'm using 2.0-RC2 (i386)
    built on Sun Jun 5 03:03:31 EDT 2011
    Here's the setup:

    adsl router: allied telesyn at-rg-624 isp provided
      | |
      | |
    IPTV |= DATA=lan network
      | |
      | |
      | |  ipfense  linksys se1500
      | >–----|------------------->|----------------------------------------------|
      |                                       |
      |                                       |
      |                                       |
    -<|>------------------------------------|                                                      |-------screamer(gentoo)
    |                                                      |                                                      |
    ruckus vf2825 wireless:> vf2111>    |                                                      |
    amino stb> TV                                  |- bedroom amino stb:via ethernet  |--------amd64(windows vista)

    Everything works fine with the above setup, but I would like to be able to view IPTV from the linux box.
    What I've tried:
    1. connect ethernet cable from router to screamer, wireshark scan, and using vlc watch the steam, this works fine, no tv in bedroom
    2.the at-rg624 does have an open port,ethernet connect to screamer, wireshark scan, no data
    3.ethernet from router to switch, the bedroom amino will not boot

    IGMPPROXY is installed and running, I see:
    igmpproxy: Note: RECV V2 member report from to (ip_hl 24, data 8) in logs

    I've tied to get into the router with several different systems,with  the info I've scoured from the net, no such luck, so I don't know what its setup is.
    Am I missing some setup, config or wiring issue that you maybe able to see?
    Should I hit the reset on the router and hope I can reconfigure it?
    Buy a new adsl modem and let pfsense handle all the load?
    Thanks for all the work involved in putting this together.

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