LinkSys USB200M

  • Hi ive read in the hardware compatibility that this usb device should work with pfsense, how ever when ive tried using it i get ugen0 message and not the axe driver that it requires.  I want to use this as the onboard network card is bringing up a 2 link states coalesced and hoping by bypassing this card that error will disappear ???.  Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for all your great work with pfsense so far!

  • sounds like they changed the chipset then. vendors like to do this a lot without further notification.

  • boooo  :'( . ok thx for the reply

  • you may want to try e.g. asus wl-167g, which has ralink rt2500 chipset; asus have been rather decent not switching out the chipset in their usb device over the last year or two.

    anything you see there should use ural or ral driver.

    I think ralink have been rather bad-ass in terms of not just open-sourcing their code but also licensing blobs of their more recent chipsets, moreso than just about any other vendor. I own a asus 167g (and also an msi mini-pci rt25xx) and had no problems in pfsense with either.

  • k cool ill check that out cheers.

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